SDAB has an inventory of simulations to choose from to start a research project.  These simulations include transport category, fighter, general aviation, UAV and space vehicle models.  The simulation framework supports multiple aircraft simulations and distributed simulation.    Most simulations can operate on a desktop system and any of several flight decks available in the simulation facility which means your project can be developed using a different flight deck until your preferred flight deck is available.

The flagship transport category simulations include the Boeing 757-200 and 737NG-800 engineering simulations which are based on models obtained from Boeing.   These are full envelope extended aerodynamic database models complete with high fidelity engines, control systems, autopilots, flight management computers, aircraft systems and EFIS displays.

Computer Generated Imagery

SDAB is heavily invested in CGI out-the-window wide displays.  These system provide high resolution depiction of a number of major US airports modeled with accurate high resolution databases.   These image generators support airport lighting, time-of-day and weather configuration for visibility and cloud layers.   Also available is lunar modeling.

Data and Video Recording

Video recording is available for flight deck cameras, heads down displays, EFBs, and CGI out the window displays.  A graphical depiction of the CDU state may also be recorded.  These video images can be placed on a composite display at the simulation console and for recording.

The simulations have a number of data recording sets predefined to support analysis and project specific recording specification can be provided.

Scenario Based Simulation

The simulations support establishment of run selectable initial conditions and scenarios where events occur based on time, position,  vehicle configuration.  The environment modeling include various atmosphere and wind models.