The Cockpit Motion Facility is a multifaceted motion and fixed-base flight simulation research laboratory. It is designed to support aeronautics and space flight vehicle research studies in which motion cues are critical to the realism of the experiments being conducted. The Cockpit Motion Facility is made up of four fixed-base simulator sites and one motionbase simulator site. The simulators are the Research Flight Deck Simulator (all-glass reconfigurable cockpit with programmable sidestick control inceptors), the Integration Flight Deck Simulator (conventional transport cockpit with programmable wheel/column control inceptors), the Generic Flight Deck Simulator (all-glass reconfigurable futuristic cockpit with interchangeable programmable control inceptors), and a fourth simulator that is undefined at this time. Each of these simulators is designed to operate as a motion-base simulator or as a fixed-base simulator. The Cockpit Motion Facility is designed around a state-of-the-art, high-performance, 76-inch six-degree-of-freedom synergistic motion system. The simulators are moved from their fixed-base sites to the motion system through the use of an overhead bridge crane system.

Cockpit Motion Facility

Motion System Characteristics

Leg Stroke: 76 in / Payload 22,000 lb

Axis Excusion Velocity Acceleration
Vertical +/- 41 in +/- 32 in/s +/- 1.0 g
Lateral +/- 55 in +/- 38 in/s +/- 0.7 g
Longitudinal +67 in / – 55 in +/- 38 in/s +/- 0.7 g
Pitch +28 deg / -25 deg +/- 23 deg/s +/- 225 deg/s^2
Roll +/- 28 deg +/- 23 deg/s +/- 225 deg/s^2
Yaw +/- 38 deg +/- 30 deg/s +/- 225 deg/s^2